Best Chinese Trade Show in 2017

While some challengers claim that trade shows are diminishing in value, statistics of trade show attendance proves that professionals are attending industry events in record numbers.

China possesses some of the world’s best-organized trade events in various industries. The difficulty for professionals is finding these events. Many of the event organizers have poor international PR skills and rely heavily on word-of-mouth. This is why China IQ has compiled a list of the top Chinese trade show picks for 2017:

Canton Fair – China Export and Import Fair
Industries: All major commodities
Exhibitors: 24,718
Attendees: 185,704
Established: 1957
2017 Dates: April 15 to May 5 & October 15 to November 4
Location: Guangzhou

With over five decades of experience, the Canton Fair is arguably one of the world’s greatest trade shows. With everything from electrical appliances to textiles, this exhibition offers something for almost every industry and business type. What really distinguishes the Canton Fair is their extensive and thought-out service offerings. Translation services, transportation assistance, and accommodations are usually areas where most Chinese trade shows falter; however, the experienced staff of the Canton Fair has learned how to make foreign attendees satisfied.

Xiamen International Stone Fair
Industries: Construction, natural stone, tile
Exhibitors: 2,000
Attendees: 150,000
Established: 2001
2017 Date: March 6-9
Location: Xiamen

Second only to the 50-year running Italian marble and stone show, Marmomacc, the Xiamen International Stone Fair is a must-see show for all involved in the stone industry. Even experienced professionals are often surprised by the design and product offering at this show. This hidden gem of an exhibition is located both where 60% of China’s stone industry is based and in one of China’s top port cities. Although the show is only on its 17th year, the staff is forward-thinking and is developing the show every year.

Automechanika Shanghai
Industry: Automotive
Exhibitors: 6,000
Attendees: 130,000
Established: “Recent years”
2017 Date: November 29 to December 2
Location: Shanghai

The Automechanika Shanghai show is operated by German trade show organizing company Messe Frankfurt. The Automechanika brand is perhaps the world’s most recognized when it comes to auto shows. This exhibition offers a full complement of presentations, social events, and exhibitor events.

China International Fashion Fair
Industry: Fashion, apparel, clothing
Exhibitors: 1,200
Attendees: 125,000
Established: 1993
2017 Date: March 15-17 and October 11-13
Location: Shanghai

Since 2015, the China International Fashion Fair (CHIC) has been developing and expanding by including more presentations and segments. The exhibitions focus has also shifted its focus to China’s burgeoning middle class. As China’s retail industry expands, CHIC will only grow in regional and international importance, and show statistics demonstrate that the more purchases are placed during the show that ever before.

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics
Industries: Apparel, clothing
Exhibitors: 4,553
Attendees: 74,000
Established: 1995
2017 Date: March 15-17 and October 11-13
Location: Shanghai

Arguably the most international apparel event in China, attendees come from more than 90 countries and regions. As more companies and designers use an online platform as their main method of selling, these professionals attend shows like Intertextile Shanghai to source their materials. Practically every fabric and material possible is offered on display.

Bakery China
Industries: Bakery and confectionery
Exhibitors: 2,034
Attendees: 122,300
Established: 1997
2017 Date: May 10-13
Location: Shanghai

China’s population represents 20% of humanity, and that’s a lot of mouths to feed. According to the Grocery Manufacturers of America, China will become the world’s biggest user of imported food in 2018. Commodities such as cookies and bread are wildly popular with more than 100,000 bakery stores located within China.

Xiamen International Tea Fair
Industries: Tea, beverage, package design
Exhibitors: 800
Attendees: 200,000
Established: 2010
2017 Date: October 12-16
Location: Xiamen

China has always been the world’s largest producers, consumers, and exporters of tea, making China the most logical place to look for supply within the tea industry. Look no further than the Xiamen International Tea Fair because it is the best-organized and largest tea industry event in China. While the focus of vendors is wholesale, most all exhibitors will allow attendees to taste and purchase at a retail price. Every type of tea imaginable is on display.

Music China
Industries: Music
Exhibitors: 1,900
Attendees: 90,000
Established: 2001
2017 Date: October 11-14
Location: Shanghai

This event offers an outstanding offering of both Western and traditional Chinese instruments. Experienced musicians will perform and offer instructional courses on various topics. The organizers, Messe Frankfurt, also ensures international attendees have assistance booking a hotel, obtaining a Visa, and receiving a discount on airfare.


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